Amending the Law of Attraction

May 16, 2018

The process of manifestation can fuse hope and pragmatism, guiding us towards actualisation. Visualising what we wish to realise and evoking the emotions we wish to experience as we take our steps; these are practises that can motivate us.


Vision boards, target figures, affirmations and stories; these can encourage us to internalise our goals until our actions become automatic.  Synchronising manifestation with specific calendars can strengthen our relationship with our values whilst supporting our scheduling (consider academic, agricultural, astrological, financial and religious calendars for example).


But processes and practises take place within a wider context and involve other players.  Having 'positive thoughts' and taking 'positive steps' doesn't always open as many doors as we desire.  Here the outcome does not reflect the intent or attempt and recognising disparity can lead to compassion and validation.


At times, it can be a relief to understand that thoughts will not materialise, that the recall of fearful or traumatic experiences is no indication they will be recreated.  Releasing the power of some visualisations, thoughts and memories can be a big step on the road of recovery.


Beliefs, ideas and frameworks that don't acknowledge who and where we are can stifle our growth, clipping our flight feathers so we can never soar.


An approach tailored to our individuality, that honours our essence can nurture our growth.  We prune a garden to enable a focus on foliage, flowers and fruits.  The garden becomes rich and lush, thriving in its own space.


Once we are aware that a framework doesn't fit we can amend and adapt to enhance effectiveness.  And that's ok.  Adaptability is innate, we wouldn't be here without it.



Photo by Flo Maderebner from Pexels


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